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Translate or rebrand your Resume (CV) in French

Translate your Cover Letter


You have to do an internship in France?

You are eager to come in France and you wish to improve your French?

You also plan to travel around France and you want to find a Working Holiday Job to keep you going?


Beware that the French employment market is very different from what it is in your country, but no worries at TEC2REC we make your job hunting easy and keep you out of hot water!



TEC2REC get you make your CV winning and a successful Cover letter in French.


- If you already have a resume in French and just want a language check and a rebranding, you just need to send me your resume in French and I will make your resume more French than French to help you find the job you want quickly.


- If you just have an English Resume, I will translate and rebrand into French. It is as easy as it seems. You are only a few clicks away from the perfect French job.

For more information, e-mail us: whminternjob@tec2rec.com

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Employement French Market Advice

Its purpose is to advise you and help you answer questions about your job search efforts in France, advise you in your actions so you better APPLY for jobs in France


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